About Us

Flora Katsouris, owner and director of FGK ACCESSORIES, from an early age has ALWAYS been excited about fashion, accessories and style!

On attending Drama School in Bristol it enabled her to work in the TV, Film and Modelling industry. Flora attended the prestigious London College of Fashion to gain greater knowledge within fashion business, and is a firm believer of 'why work in just one area if you also have a passion for other subjects' you can do it all, so she does.

Flora wants people to wear her scarves and feel great! Whether you are conservative or bold, these styles are for every personality and every age. The nail, hair and make-up accessories range have no boundaries either, they are for everyday use or special occasions.

Everything that is displayed on the FGK ACCESSORIES website and in boutiques is of excellent quality and checked thoroughly before purchase, Flora wouldn’t have it any other way.

Flora provides a service that she expects to receive herself, which is of the highest quality, nothing less.